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"A perfect guilt free snack that can be paired with just about anything, and won't result in a stomach ache! Even my husband that doesn't have a sensitivity will choose the a2 cheese because it's just that tasty. I used to have to 'just deal with the discomfort later' when I wanted to enjoy anything dairy-not any more!"

-Jess P.-

"The Clearview Dairy aTwo Cheese we purchased from the Averbeck Farm is great! Especially the fresh cheese curds you are able to pick up when scheduled. I have a small dairy intolerance that affects my stomach when eating most regular store bought cheese. These aTwo cheeses that the Averbeck's are selling have very little to almost no affect on my stomach or causing discomfort. It is especially exciting to see such an absolute local product, milk from cows right down the road, turn into hand made cheese that makes it to our dinner table. I'd like to thank the Averbeck's for bringing such a great product to our community!" 

-Adam G-

"I cannot say enough good things about Clearview Dairy products. Their products have been LIFE CHANGING for us. My husband is allergic to A1 dairy (most dairy produced in the US) and would break out in hives. However, he can enjoy all of the A2 dairy products without any allergic reactions. I would urge anyone with an intolerance or sensitivity to give these DELICIOUS dairy products a try! I have tried them all and each one is so very tasty!! My family will be long-time customers of this brand and we appreciate all their hard work that goes into the making of this product."

-Hillary H-

"Our youngest has been dealing with stomach issues from regular dairy products. Our friend Jenny told us about her aTwo products and ever since we have put our youngest on it, she has had no more issues!"


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